Thursday, 1 September 2016

Plagues To The Heart

Plagues To The Heart

Sometimes I wonder if I am trying to prevent the World from becoming what it is destined to become. 

Other times, in the depths of my certainties I am powerless to create right from wrong, light from dark or even right from left.

Why do I worry so much about what others are doing? I am not in control of anything, including myself. If the world is going left, I should only worry if I wanted to go right.

I am fed up with people hiding their actions in the brightest lights, denying it all in plain view, as if your eyes are blind, your ears deaf, and your nose incapable of smelling the truth.

What is it that’s left?
When innocence escapes its cage
And in an angry rage
Attempts to disengage
From the not so innocent sage

Sometimes my fears, my uncertainties overwhelms the very things I Love, Nothing can harm you if you worry less and care more.

It’s not your fault if it goes wrong, don’t worry be happy
Go With The Flow

Things are only a problem, when they become a problem. Until then they are just possibilities which don’t exist. 

Not all problems will cause you woe.